My Foodie Ideas

Many times in the past and again today I have been asked to write a blog about my cooking.  But I have always said that I stumble over my words and just cannot get anything down on paper. I have a wonderful friend that has a blog and I admire her gift of writing in a beautiful style. Hi Rhonda!

I saw Rachel Ray on television today making Lemon & Pepper Chicken Drumsticks, they had 7 cloves of garlic sliced, the zest of one lemon and juice of two lemons, and one tablespoon of freshly ground pepper for 8 drumsticks that seems like a lot of pepper, garlic and a lot of lemon juice. But with a little bit of tweaking it could be a nice recipe.

Tomorrow I want to make some Roasted Quail with Sautéed  Green Vegetables. Yumm. The Vegetables I chose are baby leeks with the roots trimmed off but the bulb still intact so when you cut them in half lengthways to wash them and then to sautéed  them they don’t fall apart, the other Vegetables are baby carrots and young broccolini.  Originally I was thinking of making a Barley Risotto, with butter sautéed  leek, tender onions cooked to the point of browning and then adding broth and barley, the sautéed  chopped leek and let it cook slowly adding more broth as its absorbed and adding cheese and butter at the end, writing this is making me hungry.  That’s it for now and my first blog entry.



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