Christmas Dinner

I had to ask my sister and dad what we used to eat for Christmas Dinner when we were young, I just couldn’t remember. Thankfully they remembered beautifully. Thank you Irene and Daddy.

When my sister and I were kids we had Roast Goose for dinner with Servietten Klosse, these are a dumpling made from breadcrumbs and stale rolls with herbs, eggs, spices and cooked, (Steamed or Boiled) in a Cotton Serviette. When served they are covered with lashings of delicious gravy. I just love roast goose, if you roast it on a rack to let the juices and fat drip out its a wonderful meat to eat with a great deal of flavour and crispy skin yumm.

As we got older we had Turkey Breast roast, served with dumplings or boiled potatoes and luscious gravy mmm. I do love a truly great gravy, it really does add to the moistness and flavour of the meat don’t you think?

Now that I live in the suburbs I often make a rolled turkey breast that I make myself by taking the breast off a 4.5 or 6.0 turkey. I butterfly it and season it adding either dried fruit like cranberries, apricots, dried apples, thyme, orange rind, salt and brown sugar. Then I trussed it and injected the centre where the dried fruit was with water to keep the turkey juicy. I also injected a 50/50 mixture of olive oil and water under the skin. Roasted it with a dish underneath to catch the wonderful roasting juices that would be made into gravy. Often we made boiled potatoes and browned some onions that we poured over the drained potatoes, it makes a huge difference in the flavour and what a great way of spiffing up ordinary boiled potatoes.

I would really like to know from all of you out there what you used to do as kids, or what you do now to celebrate this special season. But if you don’t celebrate Christmas please join in and tell us of your special Holidays and what you prepare for them.


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