Most of us use salt in everyday cooking or to add to foods on the table. People have used salt for time immemorial, to preserve fish or meat which in turn then flavoured the meal from the salt remaining on the fish or meat after rinsing. Salt has even been used to preserve some vegetables, edible flowers like capers, and fruits like lemons. Vegetables are mostly preserved in a salty pickle like brine.

A lot of the foods that we eat that has salt in it are processed foods, and some foods have staggering amounts of salt in them. Did you know for instance that Coca Cola has 45mg of salt per can; I know that doesn’t sound huge but what if you drink a lot of coke per day, let’s say 6 cans that’s 270mg of salt 12% of your salt intake per day.

For instance and I found this depressing lol for breakfast I didn’t have any coke but lets just say I had a can of Coke that’s 45mgs salt,  with 2 slices of bread the average is 172mgs of salt so that’s 344 mgs salt, on that I had Flora Margarine 59mgs of salt, Virginian Ham yum 295 mgs salt for 30 grams I guess that’s about 2 slices, and last was some Kefalograviera cheese with 240mgs salt which sums up my breakfast alone to 743mgs of salt. That is a great deal. Considering I read that a daily intake should be 2,300mgs of salt which seems like a huge amount to me. Doing this was a real eye opener because I always thought that I don’t use a great deal of salt not even in my cooking but when you look at the hidden salts you don’t think about its kind of scary isn’t it.

There are many different types of salt too. Refined Salt (Table Salt), Murray River pink salt, Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, Fleur De Sel and Himalayan pink salt.

We always used to buy the ordinary table salt as I grew up and bought it as I was older and in my old place. I really didn’t know that much difference from one salt to the other. Watching cooking shows you see Chefs use different salts and some even tell you why they prefer this salt.

When my health declined I found that the salt I was using had an effect on the level of pain I was in. We never used a lot of salt but it all adds up, I started going over to Saxa’s Lite Salt, which really helped and I was getting less pain. But I haven’t seen it in stores anymore so I researched online about salt and found that the Himalayan pink salt is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. Himalayan pink salt is naturally rich in iodine, where as it is added in Table salt.

Himalayan Pink Salt does contain small amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. It also contains slightly lower amounts of sodium than regular salt.

I bought course Himalayan Pink salt so I could grind it and control the amount coming out of it. I found that the amount of pain in my hands and feet have lessened considerably since using the pink salt which is wonderful. I get enough pain from nerve damage and I don’t need additional pain.

I was always curious about Kosher Salt as so many chefs use it. I knew it had something to do with the Jewish religion so after reading about it I found this.

Kosher salt is called “kosher” because it is useful for the Jewish religion.

Jewish law requires blood to be extracted from meat before it is eaten. Kosher salt has a flaky, coarse structure that is particularly efficient at extracting the blood.

The other good thing is that Kosher Salt doesn’t contain, or used to not contain Anti-caking additives but there is a Kosher salt available now that does contain it. But I don’t know if it contains added Iodine or not.

There are so many more different salts out there and basically whether you want to pay a fortune for luxury salt or just stick with what you know, no matter what you put on your foods you need to be mindful of how much salt is in your diet, and also all the salt that is in the food that you buy.


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