My name is Karin, I am a passionate cook and have been for as long as I can remember, but when your just discovering your passion things do not always work out. Nothing wrong with that because that makes you learn and try other things.  I think this helps you build your mental cookbook of what works what doesn’t and what is amazing.

I have had my share of failures, they really help to make future dishes even better as you have learned what doesn’t work. Or on the opposite of the scale what works really well.

I have my favourite cooks on television and also in books. Kylie Kwong, Nigella, Jamie Oliver, Margaret Fulton, and Maggie Beer to name a few. From each of these I have picked things I really love and combinations of flavours I really like.

I love working with herbs and spices, have a 9kg (19.8lb) mortar and pestle made of granite. I have a small herb and spice collection ok, ok so its not small it nearly takes up an entire shelf and have rows upon rows of containers. My favourite brand is G-fresh it is an Australian brand and the flavours are very fresh and true. You cannot cook a good meal if you don’t have some herbs and spices.

If I had a motto I think it would be “With great flavour,  comes joy.” In Latin it is…

“Magna saporem, gaudium”